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Hop Jock by Stewart Brewing
July 8, 2014

Hop Jock by Stewart Brewing 5% American pale ale with an initial soft, sweet hoppy aroma. Lots going on here. Bit of a long, complex yet comfortable journey, like travelling first class on Emirates wearing a Hawaiian-style cat suit, if that’s not too much of a weird (read: shite) metaphor. There’s mango, pineapple, berries and […]

Skipper’s Ticket by Lerwick Brewery
July 4, 2014

Skipper’s Ticket by Lerwick Brewery 4% Fresh and fruity with a spicy finish, yet has a dry, musky bitterness, and the strong malts and a hint of Marmite fit comfortably with the tartness. Brewed with familiar East Kent Goldings hops, as well as Perle and Williamette. It’s pleasant, but not mind-blowing, and of the two in […]

Icelandic Toasted Porter by Einstok
May 16, 2014

Icelandic Toasted Porter by Einstok (6%) Icelandic Toasted Porter by Einstok A salty malty aroma off this one, laced with coffee and a notch of spice. Poured dark, dark brown with a lively burnt head that didn’t last long. Had a sweet, rounded malt flavour that worked mostly well with the fresh, green-tasting hops. The […]

2 Craigs unstout by Cromarty Brewing
May 14, 2014

2 Craigs unstout by Cromarty Brewing (2%) 2 Craigs unstout by Cromarty Brewing Fresh pine, resin aroma on opening bottle that was more fragrant than flowery. The hops really dominated on this one, pushing much of the maltiness to the side, as you’d expect with its mighty low ABV and unstout moniker. It poured a […]

Balthan by Tryst Brewery
May 12, 2014

Blathan by Tryst Brewery Blathan by Tryst Brewery (4%) Single-hopped pale ale with some elderflowers chucked in. Absolutely delicious and heartwarmingly fresh. A fragrant, spiced fruit aroma. Crisp tangy flavour with tropical fruits and a saltiness coming through. Dry, bitter and crisp biscuit finish.  

Columbus by Brouwerij ‘t IJ
May 10, 2014

Columbus by Brouwerij ‘t IJ (9%) This beer came all the way from Amsterdam courtesy of my brother in law, and damn it was fine. It was, it’s fair to say, quite unlike any beer I can think of, but let’s be honest, that’s not saying much… First off, you’re punched slap bang in the […]

Yoga Chef by Stewart’s Brewing
May 8, 2014

Yoga Chef coffee-infused oatmeal stout by Stewart’s Brewing (5.5%) Yoga Chef by Stewart’s Brewing Wow. Keep your eyes open for this rather fine coffee stout. Plenty of bitterness from the hops which complement the sweet chocolate malts. Lively carbonation, light to medium body, with hints of orange citrus, fresh fruit and earthy love.

60 Degrees North by Lerwick Brewery
May 6, 2014

60 Degrees North, Shetland lager by Lerwick Brewery (4.8%) 60 Degrees North by Lerwick Brewery A delicious, rounded lager, dangerously morish but sadly only comes in 330ml bottles. Happily, though, Lerwick is doing a bit of a mainland sales push so should be a bit easier to get your hands on. Taste of treacle and […]

Dark Abbey by Top Out Brewery
May 4, 2014

It’s been a busy month, and I’ve been trying lots of new beers; some freshly released from the brewery, others new to me. Some bought, some were samples. Over the next couple of weeks I’ve going to list these, do write-ups. Diary entries really; kind of what this site was intended for originally. So, to […]

Brew Eight – A Black Beast
April 1, 2014

Today I put on my eighth brew. No name yet, no label – they’ll come with the tasting in five or six weeks’ time. But I can tell you what I started with, what I did, and where I hope I’ll end up. Here goes: I wanted to build on the success of my fifth […]

Die Hard, Brew Harder
March 10, 2014

Homebrew number six: Die Hard So it turns out that this brewing lark, which only a few weeks ago had me believing it was the sole reason I had been put on this planet, ain’t so easy. I’m sad to say my sixth brew, Die Hard, is something of a disappointment. That’s not to say […]

February 22, 2014

So it turns out I’m not off the drink at all. Turns out You were right, I was talking rubbish. Lasted until Monday, when I headed on down to the Print Works in Glasgow to check out the artwork to go with the Williams Brothers venture at Drygate in the city’s plush east end. Better […]

twistedmouth says ...
The End of the Beer Blog
February 16, 2014

I’m never drinking again. No more beer, wine, whisky, meths. End of the reek, the wobble, the slurring and blurring. I’m giving up on wrestles on pub floors, courting arrest and diamond chat. Cheerio funny stories and outrageous yarns. Farewell minesweeping, cringe and blackouts. Goodbye beer blog and homebrew. Goodbye hangovers, ya evil, twisted, nasty […]

V for Victory: Part II
February 9, 2014

So I finally got round to doing my label for Homebrew No. 5, V for Victory. I did labels for my previous four concoctions, and was keen to continue this tradition. I thought it might be pretty clever to have a picture of Winston Churchill, doing his two-fingered salute, with a V mask from Alan […]

V for Victory – best review ever
February 4, 2014

‘Ooh Ena, that stout is bleedin’ lovely.’ Guess what?! My first stout, my fifth homebrew ever, is utterly awesome. I’ve named it V for Victory. To be fair, after a dreich January, and a long 31-day wait for it to condition, I could have drank fermented yak’s pish and still thought it delicious. So I […]

On the brew
January 30, 2014

Homebrew No.6 – St Peter’s Golden Ale. My poor wee beer blog has been awfully neglected of late. But I’ve been busy MAKING beer rather than writing about it (though I did pen this Christmas beer piece for The Herald). I’ve also started a novel. And I’m working on a wee ebook venture. So it’s […]

Dark Arts
December 12, 2013

Dark Horse from Scottish Borders Brewery It’s Christmas. It’s time for another dark beer review. So, to the Borders badlands, a pure medieval Mad Max country where they lowered the drinking age to 12 cause of all the early deaths cause of all the fighting.   It’s a balancy thing, drinking and reviewing a Borders beer. […]

Four star review of Profanity Stout
December 6, 2013

View from the Flod, with the ghosts of beer past and present. I ****ing love Williams Bros of Alloa. For me, they’re the stars of the Scottish brewing world. All four of them. I can mind, ****ing years ago, when I was a barman at the Flodigarry Hotel in Skye, the night one of their […]

Some beers from the United States of Scotland
November 25, 2013

Blackwoods Bastard. Scottish people in America are bigger than Scottish people in Scotland. The only short Scottish people in America are the scrawny wiry ones who pull buses with their testicles if they lose at arm wrestling, usually to tall Scottish people who get buses to move just by staring at them menacingly. It’s the […]